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Thinking about a cedar wood shingles roof for your home? Enjoy a rustic and natural look with a cedar shake roof promptly and meticulously installed by Mallard Exteriors. Proudly serving homeowners in Maryland and Delaware, we’re the experienced cedar shake roof contractors you can count on for reliable results. From repairs to a new installation, we provide the roofing services homeowners need quickly and affordable.

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Cedar Shake Roof Installation For Homes & Businesses

Visually, cedar shake shingles have a tonal range that includes rustic browns and reds and equally appealing ambers and golds. Dating back to America’s Colonial period, cedar roof shingles have a certain warmth and charm that’s just as appealing today. Homeowners in the Delmarva Peninsula are also likely to appreciate the long-lasting practical benefits of cedar shake roof shingles. A new cedar shake roof installation can also be a much-appreciated investment for the following reasons:

  • Cedarwood shingles are naturally resistant to weather, decay, and insects.
  • Because cedarwood is a low-density material, it lies flat, which makes it less susceptible to wind and storm damage.
  • Cedarwood roofs are extremely energy efficient thanks to natural insulation qualities.
  • A variety of shingle sizes and styles are available with a cedar roof.
  • Cedar is less susceptible to moss growth than other roofing materials.
  • Cedar shakes are an eco-friendly roofing material.
  • Cedar is considered one of the toughest wood species available.

How Long Do Cedar Shakes & Shingles Last?

The seasoned crew at Mallard Exteriors can complete either a fresh cedar shake roof shingles installation or one that involves the removal of an asphalt roof that’s at the end of its life cycle or another type of roof that’s in place. Cedar roofing shingles are appealing because they are lightweight and easy to install on just about any residential roof.

A roof with cedar shake shingles is going to be more of an investment than a typical asphalt roof. However, it’s an investment that can easily pay off once you get the answer to a commonly asked question – how long do cedar shingles last? According to the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, wood shingle and shake roofs may last for 30 years or more with proper care and regular cedar shake shingles maintenance. Other sources report that shingles made of cedar have the potential to last anywhere from 40 to 60 years with proper care.

Cedar shakes can be installed on roofs in the Maryland and Delaware areas over solid deck sheathing or spaced sheathing. Since cedar shingles need to be nailed to the nailed to sheathing for ventilation, cedar shake shingles installation can be a more involved process. Even so, our experienced team will plan, coordinate, and complete all installation work in a way that minimizes disruptions and maximizes your satisfaction with the results.

Dependable Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Having a cedar shake roof installation is a popular choice for many homeowners in the Delmarva Peninsula, mainly because of the beauty and durability of this type of roofing material. Yet there may be times when cedar shingles need to be replaced. The process of replacing cedar shingles is fairly simple. The damaged or worn shingle is removed and a correctly sized shingle will be inserted and nailed into place. A cedar shake roof repair is necessary if you have noticed the following signs: 

  • Cracked or lifted
  • Damaged by moss growth
  • Curled along the borders or edges
  • Severely damaged and not able to be repaired

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Whether your plans involve a cedar shake shingles installation or you’re looking to have your cedar shake roof repaired or replaced, the skilled team from Mallard Exteriors will get the job done. We have experience working with all types of roofing materials commonly used in Maryland and Delaware, including cedar shake roof shingles. By choosing as your preferred cedar roofing company, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Reasonable, honest rates
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