Slate Roof

Affordable Installation, Repair, and Replacement from the slate roofing specialists at Mallard Exteriors

Whether you are considering a first-time slate roof installation, considering your slate roof repair slate replacement options, or looking for a fast, affordable way to stop slate roof leaking, the team from Mallard Exteriors is at your service. From slate tile roof repair to routine inspections and replacements, we offer a variety of slate roofing services designed to help maintain your property’s beauty, value, and curb appeal.

Advantages of Slate Roofing

While more of an investment than some other roofing materials, traditional slate roofing offers long-lasting elegance that can make it a beautiful addition to any home. In fact, slate roof life expectancy can easily span multiple decades!

Slate roof shingles are also appealing because of style options that range from traditional grays and blacks to vibrant colors that can include stunning reds, purples, and greens. And like other types of roofing, you can repair a slate roof at any time. Other than an impressive roof life expectancy, slate roofing and slate shingles can be a wise choice for the following reasons:

• It’s naturally resistant to fire and mold
• Low water absorption makes it resistant to damage from frost-thaw cycles
• It can easily enhance the architectural style of your home
• Slate roofing material can boost your home’s resale value
• It can be considered environmentally friendly since quality slate shingles aren’t likely to end up in a landfill anytime soon

Premium-Quality Slate Roofing Products

Traditional slate roofing isn’t right for every budget, we offer a more budget-friendly composite alternative; although you’ll still enjoy the same look of traditional slate with this option. We carry shingles and related roofing products from leading brands like DaVinci and Inspire.

Our Slate Roofing Services

We’re a full-service slate roofing company prepared to handle a variety of tasks involving slate roofing in Maryland and Delaware. While we specialize in re-roofs, we’re equally able to care of your other slate roofing needs. Our capabilities include:

• Slate tile roof installation
• Slate roof restoration
• Slate roof inspection
• Preventative or seasonal maintenance
• Slate roof replacement and repair

Why Choose Mallard Exteriors as Your Slate Roofing Company?

Mallard Exteriors has earned a reputation for top-notch customer service for customers with asphalt, cedar shake, and standing seam metal roofs. With slate roofing, you can also count on us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Choosing us as your preferred slate roofing specialists also means:

• Fair, honest pricing
• Convenient financing
• Free estimates
• Flexible scheduling options

Slate Roof Installation in Maryland

Because slate roof shingles are a heavier material than asphalt shingles, slate roof installation has to done on a home that can support this type of roof. For this reason, the fist step with the installation of composite or traditional slate roofing will be to thoroughly inspect your roof and its supporting structures. If slate tile roof installation will be part of a new construction or home improvement project, our slate roofing contractors can offer input on how to set up your roof so it safely supports slate roofing material. Keep in mind that tiles do not lay flat on a slate roof. They must all be angled.

For situations where a roof isn’t able to support traditional slate, composite slate products may work better. These materials weight about a third of what natural slate weighs. Offering a 110 mph wind uplift rating, composite materials are also less fragile. Licensed and insured roof installers from Mallard Exteriors can also offer assistance with the selection of slate roof shingles prior to installation. After all decisions have been made, our crew will arrive promptly with all necessary supplies and permits.

Our meticulous approach to installation also means less risk of dealing with slate roof leaking and similar issues. You’ll also be pleased with how we minimize disruptions and clean-up before leaving.

Maryland Slate Tile Roof Repair

Cracked, broken, loose, or missing slates should be replaced as soon as problems like this are first noticed. This is also true with composite slate materials. If the damage is minor, shingles can be matched to the surrounding ones and properly attached. With roof repairs, our contractors can also replace worn or damaged flashing and pinpoint sources of leaks. If it comes down to a choice between slate roof repair slate replacement or restoration, you’ll receive an honest assessment of your roof so you can decide what’s best for your needs and budget.

Residential and Commercial Slate Roof Replacement

Even if slate is well-maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced. As a general rule, if 20-30 percent of a slate or slate-like (composite) roof will need repaired, it’s best to opt for replacement. Significant delaminating, or flaking, and powdering on the underside of roofing materials are among the common signs that suggest it’s time to consider replacement.

MD, DE Slate Roof Restoration

The purpose of a slate roof restoration is to revive an existing roof rather than completely tear it off and start over again. We can also restore roofs that have been affected by wear and weather damage in some areas.

Delmarva Peninsula Slate Roof Inspection

Because slate has a reputation as being the hundred-year roof, some homeowners in Maryland and Delaware assume this means such roofs require little or no upkeep. However, a slate roof should be inspected annually. During a slate roof inspection, our experienced roofing contractors typically:

• Check for slate roof leaking
• Look at flashing and fastening
• Check for signs of improper repairs (e.g., chasing leaks with multiple applications of black goop)

Join our growing list of satisfied customers in Maryland and Delaware and make Mallard Exteriors your go-to slate roofing company. Contact us today to request attention from our slate roofing contractors, or to receive a free quote.