Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof from Mallard Exteriors is a wise choice for any residential, commercial, or industrial roof in Maryland. A top-quality standing seam metal roof can offer durability because of its construction, versatility with color and style preferences, and much-appreciated affordability in terms of long-term value potential. Consider the following standing seam metal roof details and benefits as you explore your roofing choices.

What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Standing seam metal roofing is different from roofing materials in many ways, including the size and shape of the materials and the installation process. Standing seam residential metal roofing is so-named because the seams are raised above the roofing. Continuous standing seam roof panels run from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. Fasteners are used to connect the seams between the panels. Standing seam metal panels securely snap together in a way that totally conceals the fasteners. This unique design feature provides added protection against the elements and reduces the risk of experiencing structural issues with conditions that may include high winds and seasonal storms. In addition to this, it also provides a modern design element to your home, office, or building. Advantages associated with standing seam metal roofing include:

  • High seams: High seams raised above the level of the roofing panel provide added protection against moisture while also minimizing issues with weak spots.
  • Seam design: There are no horizontal seams and fewer seams in total, which means fewer ways for leaks to develop.
  • Durability: While not impervious to damage, metal roof panels are highly resistant to wear and damage.
  • Longevity: When properly installed and maintained, metal roofing systems can stick around for 30 to 50 years or more.
  • “Cool roof”: According to EPA standards, metal roofing systems are considered “cool roofs” because they can be painted any color without having a serious impact on heat reflection capabilities.

Standing Seam Roofing Services from Mallard Exteriors

As one of the leading metal roofing companies serving residential and commercial customers in Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula, we take pride in offering a wide range of services for property owners preferring metal roofing systems. In addition to our fair prices and high-quality work, what makes us a leader among metal roofing companies is our ongoing commitment to putting customer needs first at Mallard Exteriors. We’re pleased to offer the following residential metal roofing services:
  • Standing seam roof installation
  • Repair and replacement of metal roof panels
  • Standing seam metal roof maintenance
  • Routine or seasonal roofing system inspections

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

One of the great things about standing seam roof installation is how much variety you’ll have with colors and styles. Granted, you won’t exactly find the full spectrum of colors you would find in a paint store. Even so, metal roofing does come in a decent assortment of hues that include varying shades of brown, gray, green, blue, orange, and red. Roof panels can be pre-formed or site-formed. Pre-formed panels are factor made. Panels made from rolls of metal ran through a mobile forming machine are the site-formed ones. You’ll get the same level of quality with both options.

Metal Roof Installation in Maryland

After all decisions have been made during your initial consultation with one of our experienced roofing contractors, the metal roof installation process starts with taking careful measurements and checking your underlying roof structure if an existing roof with different materials is being removed. Usually made of galvalume-coated steel or aluminum, standing seam metal panels can be cut, if necessary, before applying sealant tape. The seam fasteners are then installed.

Repairing and Replacing Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

Standing seam roof panels are designed to be durable, but they’re immune to damage from storms or other conditions that could weaken or stress roofing materials. It’s also possible for nearby tree branches or other objects to scratch or puncture one or more panels. With narrow cracks, a special coating can be applied to correct the damage, a process called “membraning.” For more extensive damage, it may be necessary to replace the affected panel or panels. Panel repair or replacement may also be needed if:
  • Panels were improperly installed or repaired
  • There is visible waviness in flat areas (“oil canning”)
  • You are seeing significant scuffing or scratching on some panels
  • There are issues with the seam or fasteners affecting panels
  • You are noticing surface corrosion on panels or minimal rusting occurring at cut edges
  • Panels are affected by chalking or fading

Delmarva Peninsula MasterRib Metal Roof Panels

At Mallard Exteriors, we give our customers in Maryland and surrounding areas choices. This is why we offer MasterRib roofing. It’s a type of metal roof designed with extra-wide ribs. The result is a unique, budget-friendly, and durable roof that could serve you well for many years. We also offer convenient financing options to further increase affordability. Make a smart investment with a standing seam roof from Mallard Exteriors. 
Contact us today for more standing seam metal roof details specific to your needs, preferences, and budget, or to request a free quote.