Commercial & Residential Roofing in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

We are a full-service roofing company in Maryland that specializes in both residential and commercial roofing projects. Whether you’re in need of a roof replacement or roof installation, our experts have seen it all. We have years of experience at professional roofing contractors have we have a passion for providing protection for homeowners and property owners in areas like Easton, MD and it’s surrounding areas. While we are located in Mardela Springs, MD we proudly serve all of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

Roof Installation You Can Rely On

If you need qualified Maryland roofing services, Mallard Exteriors has the roof installation products that will get the job done! Protect buildings from the damage caused by rainwater seeping into attics and structural support framing, whether it be for residential roofing or commercial roofing. Leaky roofs potentially contribute to a variety of real estate problems, including mold, mildew, and ceiling and wall stains. By contrast, a sound roofing system usually provides years of value to property owners. No matter how big or how small the issue, our Maryland roofing specialists can take care of it.

Roofing Services & Roof Replacements


Today, after the severe weather systems afflicting this region during the past few years, many local residents seek qualified Maryland roofing contractors. Our roof replacement specialists have seen it all. When it comes to handling roof installations, our commercial and residential roofing company is capable of repairing your roof or installing a new one in coastal Maryland and Delaware. If you’ve noticed weather damage or aging on your roof, don’t hesitate. A roof replacement can be a big investment but can also prevent any future mishaps. If you’re unsure if your home or building is in need of a new roof, feel free to give us a call! We will be happy to answer any of your roof replacement needs.

Use the services provided by Mallard Exteriors when you require a first-rate, licensed and fully insured contractor to remove an old roof and install a new one on your home or business. Mallard Exteriors offers friendly, local assistance at competitive rates.

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Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland Roofing

Mallard Exteriors’ commercial roofing and residential roofing in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia furnish comprehensive roofing services. Call 410-572-2727 to obtain the qualified assistance of a roofing contractor for many types of projects:

  • Repair damaged sections of a roof
  • Obtain a professional roofing inspection to evaluate the condition of a roof
  • Remove old sections of a roof or even an entire roof
  • Install a new, high-quality shingle, Cedar Shake, or tile roof
  • Maintain steeply angled sections of a roof and keep dormers in great condition

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Commercial Roofing Company

Whether you require roofing assistance for your residential property or commercial business, you can appreciate the importance of locating skilled Maryland roofing specialists. Mallard Exteriors possesses over 15 years of experience in the field. By choosing Mallard Exteriors, you’ll obtain professional, residential and commercial roofing services with the personnel, tools, and equipment required to perform a wide range of roofing projects.

We use GAF, TAMKO, CertainTeed and Inspire brand products. Our company stays up to date with all the new roofing systems in order to provide our customers with a variety of roofing choices including different colors and styles that are sure to enhance your home or business.

We are a GAF Certified Contractor and offer GAF Lifetime Roof Warranties with the GAF System Plus Warranty.

Our roofing company has offices in Mardela Springs, Ocean City, and Toddville, MD. Check out all of the areas we serve and contact us today to get started!