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Are you looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Easton, MD? Get in touch with Mallard Exteriors today. As a licensed and fully insured contractor in Easton, MD, we offer roof repair and installation for residential and commercial projects.

Your roof represents a crown to your home in Easton, MD. However, it’s exposed to the harshest climatic conditions all year long, resulting in wear and tear. It’s very essential that you maintain the appearance and integrity of the roof. One of the ways to keep your roof in perfect condition is to work with our expert roofing company in Easton, MD. Here is what to expect from the roofing experts at Mallard Exteriors:

Professional Roofing Company in Easton, MD

New Roof Installation

If you are building your home from scratch, you will need a new roof installation. Our roofing company in Easton, MD help you choose the right roofing material depending on what you are looking for at the home, the quality, your budget, and the roofing material available. We also install the roof for you, making sure the relevant building codes are followed.

At the end of the day, not only do you get a roof over your head, but also one that enhances the overall look of the home, while protecting it for years to come.

Roof Replacement

There are some instances when you cannot repair your roof; you just have have a roof replacement done by a professional roofing company. These situations include extensive damage to your roof after a rainstorm, if the roof is older than 20 years, or if you are planning to sell the property. Our roofing company in Easton, MD takes time to get replacement roofing that will fit in with the existing decor of your property.

Roof Repairs

Any roofing material deteriorates with time. This can due to prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions in Easton, MD. Since the damage isn’t extensive, all you need is repair to the roof.

Damage to your roof can also occur due to flying debris, high winds, and faulty design. The experts at Mallard Exteriors come in to identify the damage to the roof and repair it the right way. Whether it is replacing single shingles or rafters, we have what it takes to straighten out the damage.

Emergency Roofing Services

Mallard Exteriors understands what a roof symbolizes. You might need roof repairs or replacements at an odd time, which means you need the emergency roofing services. We are just a call away! Our experienced technicians are ready to handle the task regardless of the time. Contact us today to get started on your roof repair!

Recent Projects in Easton, MD

Pavilion Repair in Easton MD
Falling down Pavilion – Roofing Easton MD

We rebuilt a falling down pavilion in Easton, MD using salt treated lumber and PVC trim of posts to give it new, long-lasting life! Take a look at a couple of the pictures below.

  • City: Easton
  • State: MD
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House with white vinyl siding and new grey shingles
GAF Architectural Shingles – Roofing Easton, MD

We are roofing contractors servicing the Easton, MD area. Our company specializes in roofing and siding on residential homes. Check out the before and after photos of a home we renovated in Easton, MD!

  • City: Easton
  • State: MD
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Green GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingle
GAF Shingles – Easton, MD

We completed a single layer removal of shingles. Next, we installed GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingle. The GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles are 53 percent thicker than regular architectural shingles, with a 130 MPH wind coverage. Durable and beautiful!

  • City: Easton
  • County: Talbot
  • State: MD
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