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Our roofing contractors in Oxford, MD will help you make the right decision about your roof to ensure that it withstands any assault from natural elements! With a sturdy roof, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your family and items are safe. Are you not sure if a new roof needs to be installed on your home? Mallard Exteriors can help! Here are some reasons that may necessitate installation of a new roof:

Leaks All Over Your Home

If you are moving through every room in your house through puddles especially when it rains, it is time for a new roof. A leaky roof means that an extensive part of your roof is destroyed, necessitating replacement.

The Roof is Old

There are several factors that our roofing company in Oxford, MD looks at to see if your roof is old. One of the first signs is peeling roof paint and fading shingles. This shows that a roof has served you for long.

As shingles age, they become brittle and curl up. The granules on the surface of the shingles start to wash off especially in a rainstorm. Additionally, the shingles break off easily. Therefore, granules and bits of shingle will wash off and accumulate in your driveway and gutters more and more.

You also need to understand the age of your roof to know whether it will hold for longer. A roof that is older than 20 years is more likely to let you down soon. This is because the roof has been exposed to the sun and the rain for a long period of time, pushing it to the limit. If you find that this is true, it is time to get a new roof.

At times, you might argue that your old roof will work after various repair jobs, but if you look at the cost of the repair jobs versus a new roof, you will find that the expense of a new roof is less than the cost of repairs.

You Plan to Sell Soon

If you have it in your plans to sell your house soon, a new roof will do you good. One of the aspects of getting a bargain on a house is the roof. A new roof is an attractive feature for homebuyers in Oxford, MD and increases the value of your home.

Professional Roofing in Oxford, MD

The only sure way to know whether to buy a new roof is to get the opinion of our professional roofing contractors in Oxford, MD. Contact Mallard Exteriors today! We will provide you with a quote and the quality service you deserve.

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Removal of existing shingles. Installation of GAF Fox Hollow Grey Architectural Shingles. Repaired wood soffits, fascia boards, crown molding and some painting.

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